Tuesday, April 26, 2005

EBay Marketing

This blog is about advanced marketing techniques for EBay sellers. It’s based on the book “The 7 Essential Steps to Successful EBay Marketing” (McGraw-Hill, release July 2005). You can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I’m one of the authors, and I’ll be offering up some tips, tid-bits and updates to the text here on this blog.

The EBay world changes so much, so it’s nice to have a place where we can post changes, and add new rules and tips. Just this last week EBay redesigned the “Store Builder” interface, and we had to make some last second edits to the text that will be released in July.

For some background on the book, here’s a bit from the intro:

“EBay has changed dramatically in the past decade. What began as a small online marketplace for collectibles has grown to cover a wide array of mid to upscale markets and person-to-person sales that span the globe. In the old days, an EBay seller could write up a quick description of an item, take a few digital photos, upload the info to EBay, and wait for bids to come in. Those of us who were selling on EBay in the early days found that it was easy money.

But in recent years, the competition has become fierce. Tens of thousands of new sellers have entered the EBay marketplace, including large scale retailers with professional marketing expertise and power-house corporate experience. The EBay market has also been flooded with small-time sellers, who sell at low margins for little profit, and make it difficult other sellers to compete with their prices.

EBay has also made system changes, offering new selling formats, a dizzying array of upgrade options and EBay Stores. The shifting sands create an environment where sellers must be on their toes at all times…”

“…The key to profiting in the new world of EBay lies in some tried and true marketing techniques and some digital age selling savvy. This book delivers the optimal mix of proven marketing and business management strategies, and EBay-specific insights, secrets, coaching and advice. We break down the profit-making process into the following seven essential steps:

1. Basic steps to building a solid marketing plan

2. The latest and greatest tools to build your EBay business

3. Critical visual and presentation techniques

4. Secrets of professional advertising copywriters that help you create outstanding and persuasive item descriptions

5. Advanced marketing and promotional strategies that help you grow your EBay business exponentially

6. Keys to Gold Star Customer Service and ways to turn one-time shoppers into lifetime loyal customers

7. Proven, comprehensive planning and business-building strategies that take your business to the next level

We also discuss modern branding approaches that help you stake out more territory on EBay and drive customer recognition, confidence and loyalty.

If you’re doing a modest business on EBay, this book is going to blow some previously closed doors wide open. If you’ve had some success but seem to have hit a profit ceiling, we’ll show how to rip it out and keep climbing higher. If you’re a traditional brick-and-mortar business that doesn’t quite grasp the ins-and-outs of EBay, we’ll show you how to thrive in a few short lessons.

This book is full of ideas that can be implemented now, so let’s get down to business and start boosting profits right away.”

Check back frequently. I’ll start posting some advance content from the book. A lot of these ideas can be implemented now. You can buy the book later (when it’s released) and read examples, more in-depth strategies and tips on where new opportunities are cropping up on EBay. More books and updates to this title will be coming out in the future. For now – bookmark this page and come back often. I’ll be uploading more content twice a week. I’m also planning on inserting RSS feed links so you can grab this content in your aggregator or blog reader.

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