Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Book Challenge - Morphing EBay

One of the drawbacks to writing about Ebay is that it changes so much. This book, "The 7 Essential Steps to Sucessful EBay Marketing," however, contains evergreen content that describes selling concepts and strategies. For example, you learn how to make sales pitches that are much more likely close deals and push auction pricing higher. Ebay can change it's menus and interfaces as much as it wants, but the book's strategies remain effective.

  • How and when to cross-sell and cross-promote specific items
  • When to make offers and how to improve the liklihood that they'll be pounced on
  • Why it makes sense to ship a freebie in your package (Hint: reciprocation-obligation factor)
  • What kinds of customer retention and customer satisfaction strategies are a must
  • The best techniques for consistent, clear and compelling visual design
  • How to write killer descriptions and form keyword lists that draw in the right audience
  • How to build a brand that sticks with customers
  • How to drive scarcity
  • Why your authority is oftentimes your best selling asset
  • How to use FAQs to close
  • When and how to develop testimonials
  • Storytelling and problem solving strategies
  • How to write case studies/success stories that sell
  • Up-selling and cross-selling strategies
  • How to boost traffic to your Store and auction listings
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques
  • Much more
Stay tuned, and we'll post hot tips for each of these examples.

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