Friday, June 10, 2005

Coffee Is for Closers! Second Place Gets a Set of Steak Knives!

Everyone who's involved in writing Web pages for business sites should be "closing" on every page of the site. That means making an offer, asking the reader to take the next step, or asking for the sale.

I admit, I'm not best example for my advice. Each page on this blog should ask people to take a look at my book or entice them to fill out the free newsletter form you see in the right column of the page (it contains bonus info and more in-depth reports). I could also encourage readers to consider hiring me as a writing consultant or call me to talk about training their own writing staff. I need to be more diligent about this.

In any event, when you continually close throughout your pages, you increase your chances for success. You build deeper relationships with customers and prospects; you guide readers through your site; you usher people toward the shopping cart; you up-sell and cross-sell, loading their cart up with extras and complementary products; and you generally get them to move in your direction or begin saying yes to your entreaties.

That said, you may be asking, "What's up with the title of this post?" (Hint: rent or download the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.)

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