Monday, June 06, 2005

Tips on Writing Policies and Terms of Sale

Along with well-written, honest, and persuasive item description copy, you must include clearly stated policies or terms of sale for effective customer service. Direct communication with your customers about your expectations of them and exactly what they can expect from you works wonders in the satisfaction department. Be thoughtful with your sales policies, word them carefully, and be sure to include information concerning the following:
  • Payment types accepted
  • Shipping methods and costs
  • Sales tax
  • Warranties and guarantees
  • Return and refund policies
  • Feedback

Additional customer service policies, including timeframes for submitting payments, offers for expedited shipping, or other instructions for payment
Your terms of sale should appear in three locations:

  • In the body text of each and every item description
  • In the appropriate spots for shipping and payment information on the Sell Your Item form
  • In your About Me page or as a customized page in your eBay Store
Tip: Use the Sell Similar link or create templates in Turbo Lister or your listing management service that include your standard terms of sale as boilerplate text that appears automatically with each listing you create.

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