Friday, June 03, 2005

eBay Post Card Marketing: Part II

Joy Gendusa, founder of PostCardMania just posted a great article on the how and why of sending post cards -- repeatedly. He is dead on when he recommends repeating, rinsing, repeating.. and so on.

The following are some actual post card writing suggestions that add to that article. They'll help you get better response rates on eBay promotions, drive more traffic to your eBay listings and store, and generally keep you in the minds of your target audience for longer periods of time.

1) Make offers on the front of the card. Give them a reason to buy or flip the card over. Free reports, discounts, and premiums can all go into titles on the front of the card.

2) Include "news" in titles and subheads. Nobody wants to hear something they've heard before. If you've got a new story to tell, make it POP.

3) Keep the word count low, and make every word count. You can do this by sticking to one subject or offer per card. Don't confuse the reader by broaching several topics or creating complex offers.

4) Develop urgency in the text. Your writing style can be urgent, but it's even more effective to create actual offer urgency. "Limited time only," "limited supply," "buy now and save 10% off," "free shipping in June with orders over $25" -- these all create offer urgency.

5) Finish with a call to action. Tell the prospect what you want them to do next -- call you, email you, go to your eBay Store, or make a bid "right now!"

There's more info and links on this topic in Part 1.

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At 7:15 PM, Blogger Frank Ross said...

Great article Phil. Too often online business owners think only online in terms of everything. They (me included) sometimes forget that offline marketing existed long before the internet and that much of it is still relevent. In can be used to supplement an online business if done correctly.

Great points about grabbing attention. Mitch Carson has unique mailers, really unique. Like a mailer shaped like a bottle ("here's your message in a bottle"). These kinds of things are often needed to set your mailer/postcard apart from the rest of the mail.

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