Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Reminder: Marketing Seminar/Webcast on StartUpNation This Morning 11AM Pac US

Just a quick reminder....

I'll be conducting an eBay marketing seminar via the Web this morning at 11AM Pacific (U.S.) on StartUpNation. It will be a 1/2 hr presentation, then a 1/2 hr Q&A session.
  • Learn crucial presentation & design tips
  • Build an eBay brand
  • Sell anyone anything with words
  • Learn advanced marketing strategies
  • Create top-notch customer satisfaction and retention programs
  • Take it all to the next level

This talk will be good for existing eBay sellers, new entrepreneurs, and even non-eBay entrepreneurs who need a quick refresher course on marketing fundamentals (with some lesser-known tips and insights thrown in).

Come join us this morning or come back to the links and view the archived presentation.

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