Monday, August 22, 2005

Great Home Business Resource for eBay Sellers

If you're running a home business (eBay or otherwise) you need to constantly pay attention to marketing, network with people who can help you succeed, and stay inspired week in and week out. Des Walsh has a blog called Thinking Home Business that helps with all of these home biz aspects.

Surf around that site for a bit, and I'm certain you'll find a handful of insightful business tips that you can apply directly to your eBay business. Walsh brings a lot of other good resources together at the site, and he acts as an excellent information filter.

There's a lot of garbage out there that gets cycled and re-cycled through blogs. This one helps you weed through it all and increases the chances that you'll stumble onto something really useful. If you're looking for accurate, reliable, actionable small business information, watch this blog every week.

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At 12:21 AM, Blogger cash at home said...

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Andre said...

Hello my name is Andre Wilson, you have a lot of good and practical information here.

I just started an online home business called I take people’s photographs and scan them into laser crystals. You might have seen some of these (pre-scanned) crystals of entertainers and celebrities like Bill Clinton and Elvis, in the stores. Well, I give people an opportunity to put their faces in a laser crystal cube, tablets or keychain. Marketing my site has been a big challenge. One of the techniques I have been using to push some items and drive traffic to the site is to sell discounted crystals on ebay. I wasn’t sure what the market would really bear when it came to pricing the crystals, but after selling on ebay, I got a pretty good ideal. I am also using web log to learn who comes to the site and from where, this has been a big help. I took a seminar class with Mary Gillian, at EEI, entitled “marketing online”. She said we should create a blog, which was a lot of fun except we are the only ones reading it (LOL). So far it has been more work then money, but I am enjoying myself.


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