Thursday, July 28, 2005

Book Sales - eBay Marketing

BTW - The book sales are building at a nice clip. We really appreciate your help. Many of you who visit this blog regularly have already bought the book, and we're so happy about that.

If you know others who can benefit from the specific application of marketing principles to eBay listings and selling strategies, please let them know about the book. We're getting some great reviews on Amazon already, but we'd love to keep adding more. Everyone we talk to who's read the book is really impressed with the amount and depth of content offered.

I'd love to break into the upper echelons of Amazon rankings, of course, and I think it will take a real grass roots effort. If we break into the top 1000 books, we'll make it onto the radar of some big-time media outlets, and that would be absolutely fantastic! The more buzz that's generated on the Web about the book the better. So please link into our blog, forward the URL to friends and direct associates to the book.

Thanks for your help --
Phil, Amy and Janelle

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