Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Use Your Seller’s Toolbox for Better Customer Service

Excerpt from "The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing."

Many tools are at your disposal in your Seller’s Toolbox to help you interact promptly with your customers. Use the eBay links to print your own USPS or UPS shipping labels and postage, or create accounts with Endicia, FedEx, UPS, or another shipping service.

For prompt e-mail communication, consider using eBay’s Selling Manager Pro, as discussed in Chapter 2. Information about this service is located at Figure 6-2 shows the Selling Manager e-mail interface, detailing options for automated e-mail messages.

Figure 2: Selling Manager Pro’s e-mail interface features pull-down menus with e-mail options and click-and-send efficiency to save you time and effort.

You can set your preferences to send e-mail automatically to customers in the following situations:

* Winning Buyer Notification e-mail sent to winning buyer(s) at close of auction or Buy It Now purchase.
* Payment Reminder e-mail sent to buyer if an item remains unpaid. (You specify the number of days you wish to wait to send this.)
* Payment Received e-mail sent when payment has been received.
* Item Shipped e-mail sent when you mark sales record as shipped.
* Feedback Reminder e-mail sent if feedback has not been received. (You can also specify the number of days you wish to wait to send this e-mail.)

Selling Manager provides these e-mails in a template form that allows you to edit and personalize the message. The next section explains how personalizing your e-mail templates increases customer satisfaction and provides opportunities to build your brand.

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