Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who Writes This eBay Marketing Blog?

This blog is based on The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing. The following is the 'about the author' section from the front of the book. Just thought you'd like to know more.

Janelle Elms is a lead instructor touring nationwide with eBay University. A Silver PowerSeller on eBay (, she has recently wrapped production on a new training video for eBay called Beyond the Basics. Janelle’s work with eBay has extended to teaching pilot training programs, including a leading-edge program initiated by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and designed to help small towns understand how to sell globally instead of just to local communities.

Creator of the exclusive eBay 101 and 102 classes taught throughout the United States, Janelle has helped numerous individuals build successful businesses on eBay. To date, she has trained more than 10,000 people in eBay sales, marketing, customer service, and customer retention strategies. Janelle specializes in corporate consulting designed to teach companies how to develop or maximize an eBay sales channel.

Co-author of the best-selling eBay Your Business: Maximize Sales and Get Results (McGraw-Hill, 2004), Janelle also self-published two eBay how-to books, Don’t Throw It Away Sell It On eBay!, and No Seriously, What Do You Really Do For a Living? She has also started several eBay community groups in the Pacific Northwest, including the eBay for Beginners and eBay PowerSellers groups in her hometown of Seattle. As a national and corporate speaker and educator, Janelle believes that the eBay opportunity is available for all who seek to become a part of this global community.

Phil Dunn is a marketing and advertising writer/consultant. Since the early 1990’s Phil has been producing marketing collateral, white papers, success stories, trade show production scripts, flash presentations, magazine ads and radio advertising for Fortune 500 companies (including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Pitney Bowes, IKON, and Toshiba Medical), as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. With persuasive writing and time-honored marketing approaches, he has sold everything from $22 haircuts to $50,000 cars to $1 million software licensing agreements. His company, Synapse Services Co., specializes in “turning complex subjects into everyday benefits.”

Synapse hosts several blogs (and RSS feeds) that deal with persuasive writing technique, sales fundamentals, marketing strategy, and eBay marketing. A free newsletter that covers similar topics is available at the company site, as well ( Synapse offers consulting and copywriting services to companies that need to enhance their eBay presence and pull more profits out of the channel.

Phil has a Master of Arts in print journalism (with public relations and broadcast media training) from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts in History from UC Berkeley. He’s a surfer, an ice hockey player, an obsessive-compulsive reader, a confounded fiction writer, a proud and giddy father, and a “good listener” who followed his wife’s advice when she said, “Go follow your dreams, write a book, get published!”

The daughter of an antiques dealer, Amy Balsbaugh ( has been involved in the antiques and collectibles business since childhood. With the rise of eBay's popularity in the late 1990s, Amy closed her brick-and-mortar antiques shop in San Francisco in 1998 and began selling on eBay exclusively.

The benefits to selling on eBay were immediately apparent. Auction-format listings frequently sparked bidding wars that escalated final gavel prices far beyond the price tags in her former shop. Overhead expenses for online selling were significantly less that the cost of pricey commercial real estate in San Francisco. And within a few months of selling on eBay, she had shipped goods to customers on six of seven continents (she’s still waiting to find a customer in Antarctica!). She’s continually delighted to meet cyber-customers who would have never graced the doorstep of her quaint brick-and-mortar shop. Plus, eBay’s incredible database technology has allowed her to sell everything from a miniature Victorian die-cut valentine card to the entire estate of a renowned historian and collector of art and antiques.

As eBay grew, so did Amy’s business by taking advantage of new programs and features in the ever-expanding eBay landscape. A member of the PowerSeller program from its inception, Amy is proud of her more than 5,000 feedback comments with 100% positive ratings. Like the multitudes of others that have made eBay selling a full-time profession, Amy uses the power of eBay to achieve success in her business, while enjoying the freedom of self-employment.



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