Monday, July 11, 2005

How to Work Better + Why Fonts Are Important

At first glance, the articles below may not seem like they apply to eBay. Let me know if you think they're off topic. Try to convince me.

They come from Poynter Online -- a great resource for all things print/online/writing. It's billed as a resource for journalists, but it's chock full of gems on everything from fonts to productivity discipline.

The articles in question:

Writing Sprints: Winning the Race
Inspiration & practical advice from Chip Scanlan, other writing coaches & fellow journalists

Study Shows Newspapers' Front Page Fonts
A recent study found that a small collection of fonts are used on America's front pages.

If you study typefaces at all, this 2nd one shouldn't be a surprise. If you don't study them, you might want to. There's a complete science to it.

I think I posted something earlier about fonts from Poynter... ah yes, here it is. Both good articles to consider when choosing fonts online and in print.



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