Thursday, July 07, 2005

Getting Headlines Read

If you have the book -- The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing -- you already know how important item headlines are (and subheads).

To reinforce this wisdom and show you some other ideas, I've included an article from Sean D'Souza's Psychotactics newsletter below. It's about email headlines, but many of the concepts apply to eBay titles....

Getting Email Headlines Read
There's a reason for putting the brand name as well as the headline in the subject line. It's called getting your attention.

See, customers subscribe and then they forget you. And yes, a great headline can catch their attention, provided you write a great headline. Most of us fall in love with our headlines, but believe me, headline writing is the hardest thing ever.

So your reader is not seeing your email in isolation. They're seeing a headline with 200 other headlines. If the headline doesn't do the job, you've got a back up--your brand name.
The recognition of your brand name and the association with you, will get your reader to notice your email. And yes, there's another reason. It's called Sp*am. Every single day, readers go through the act of deleting it. Your email is sitting smack bang in the middle of all those emails.

If I don't recognise your name (as in John Doe) then I've deleted the email without reading.It's not a path you want to take.

The brand name + headline is effective as it gives a complete messsage and eliminates sp*am mistakes. The other option is to put the brand name in the name side of things.

For example: Sean D'Souza:PsychotacticsSubject: How to Write Psychological Headlines (And Why They Work)

That way, your brand name will always be to the left and your headline will always be to the right. And it's just as effective.

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