Tuesday, August 09, 2005

*The* Best Food in the Country (USA) -- And More eBay Marketing Tips

I’m back from a New York business trip. If any of you want to learn about some phenomenal NYC restaurants, drop me a line. We had three “off-the-charts” meals while relaxing between meetings in the Greenwich Village, SOHO, Tribeca area. I didn’t think gourmet food could push the envelope any further… but, then we found ourselves at Blue Hill. Ask for details if you’re interested. One word – unreal. Not sure I can even write about it effectively.

Back to marketing and eBay.

Headline writing is critical if you want to grab attention beyond the keyword title. As David Ogilvy would put it, this is the place where you filter out real prospects. People read headlines and decide whether or not they’re the intended audience for the particular story, pitch, product or service.

Historically, headlines were mostly written in all CAPS prior to 1950. This trend has diminished up to the present day. Currently, about 75% of newspapers, for example, use lower case headlines. There’s a reason for this – they’re easier to understand and read quickly. Some tabloid rags still do all caps to grab attention, but the research data indicate that this is a questionable strategy.

Physically, it’s just easier to decipher words quickly when you can see dips and spikes in letter tops (which lower case letters have, but ALL CAPS don’t).

Keep this in mind when writing your headlines. It’s not just about Internet “YELLING.”

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