Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Constant eBay Marketing Connectivity with Free Wireless/Wi-Fi Resources

A successful eBay business requires constant connectivity. You need to answer emails, post items for sale, and manage marketing activities like cross promotitions, blogging and customer service.

So.. you need to have Web access everywhere. Here's a great resource for free Wi-Fi hotspots in California. http://www.wififreespot.com/ca.html

I used it out in Palm Desert last week, and it was great. I quickly found a nifty little spot called Buzz Cafe. Their Wi-Fi was superb, with great throughput and reliability connectivity. I even worked before they were open out in their parking lot at 5:30AM. Pretty sweet. Great Chai Tea, too.

If you have any other resources, be sure to post them here.

Generally, I know that Panera and some Diedrich's coffee shops have free Wi-Fi, too. Caribou Coffee, as well.



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