Monday, August 21, 2006

Visualize Your eBay Visitors with

I found a cool new site by reading articles on Digg. It’s called, and it helps you “visualize your visitors.” You put a little piece of script at the bottom of the pages you want to track (the free version includes two pages). That script tracks the clicks visitors perform at your site, so you get a visual reading of where things are happening. There’s even a ‘heatmap’ filter that shows you the hot spots on your pages.

You’d normally do this with logs, of course, but the idea is quite novel. By seeing the spots that are hot, for example, you can play with ad placement and email marketing sign up form placement. There are all kinds of eBay marketing applications, of course.

I should warn you that the site seems a bit hard-pressed to keep up with the traffic generated by the Digg article. I’ve been having some timeouts as I test it.

Please let me know what your experience is with this tool. I think it’s kinda cool and would love to hear your input.

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At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the great article. I will try the tool. I have another great ebay tip. To help keep shipping fees in line, I use a great tool, which compares the rates of all 4 major US shippers on one screen. Ebay only shows you UPS and USPS, this tool ads FedEx and DHL are which are often substancially less!

I hope this helps everyone find the cheapest shipping rates!



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