Friday, May 05, 2006

eBay as Entertainment - De-Mystifying Angelina Jolie's Bra, a Mutant Steak Chunk and an Anti-Oprah Winfrey Helmut

Not only is eBay an auction medium.. it's rapidly becoming an entertainment medium. It's almost like a goofy cable access QVC show that knows no bounds.

There are people selling Angelina Jolie's bra and panties from the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Someone's selling animal crackers in compromising positions. There's a "gross valved steak chunk" that was found in a can of soup.

One guy's even selling a a PBR helmut that's designed to keep him from watching Oprah (that's who I'm guessing he's referring to).

So what's the point? Wildness and entertaining stuff is viral. If you can strike it big with a humor piece that also features gallery views of your other eBay auctions or eBay store offerings, you can make some dough via the humor email circuit and the sites that track this stuff.

Be careful that you don't offend your users, though. A misstep could cost you some customers.

DISCLAIMER: I don't endorse any of these sites or condone their taste. Just a little fun before the weekend starts.

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