Friday, February 03, 2006

eBay Questions Continued: Cross-Promotion Items Changing

Q: My cross promotion items change when there's been no reason for them to change and the eBay default is to promote the highest $ item which usually is a turn off to buyers who are shopping for the lowest priced item... The system tells you half of your items have automatically been revised, but it doesn't tell you specially which ones have been revised. What’s up with this?

A: It's easy to manage your cross promotions so that you can control which items will automatically pop up in your cross promotion boxes. From the "Manage Your Store" page, select the "Default Cross Promotions" button. The first page you'll be linked to lets you manage your general categories that get cross promoted. For my own business, I always cross promote from the same category. However, depending on what you sell, you may want to cross promote from other categories. (e.g. If you sell bowling balls, you may want to cross promote to your bowling shoes category).

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you'll find a link for "Cross Promotion Preferences" where you can specify that you'd like your lowest price items to be pulled up automatically, as well as specifying other preferences as well.

If you want your cross promotions to be constant and never changing, you can always manually set your cross promotions to specific items. Once the item listing has been created, open the item page and click the "Change your Cross promoted items" button. This will link you to an interface that allows you to select specific items to appear in your cross promotion boxes.

Thanks Amy Balsbaugh for this answer!

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