Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More eBay Questions from Readers: Sinister Cynicism

Q: It appears to me that the larger eBay gets the more employees are hired to run the 'eBay computer system' and they make changes to justify their existence that increase the store owner's workload while offering marginal returns on that investment of time.

A: Perhaps you're right. Alot of the changes are probably in response to other off-eBay selling solutions like mPire and the services they offer to entice people to use their service over an eBay store. This is a very competitive market, and eBay's fighting tooth and nail to keep people using the eBay store (and paying them the fee to do so), over using a 3rd party solutions that interfaces with eBay for selling online.

Thanks Amy for this answer!

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At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Success Guy said...

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