Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Build a Solid eBay Marketing Plan: Step 1


Not to get too cosmic or metaphysical here, but understanding where you’re coming from is the first step in understanding where you’re going. Your motivations for becoming a part of the eBay community are a big part of defining yourself and your business.

Some folks sell on eBay as an alternative revenue stream. eBay is a great moonlighting job for many people, and others, like stay-at-home parents and retirees, use eBay to supplement their income. Some people come to eBay with the dream of self-employment. They’ve discovered the joy of the “ten-second commute” from the kitchen to the computer, and relish the freedom to set their own hours and be their own boss.

Owners of traditional brick-and-mortar (B&M) retail businesses often join eBay to create an online selling presence without having to go through the rigors and expense of developing and marketing their own Web site. The online community helps them expand their customer base from a limited regional area to the entire world. This broader base of customers on eBay sometimes leads B&M Businesses to abandon the storefront completely, and sell through a virtual store only. Other sellers have existing e-commerce businesses and come to eBay to increase sales and locate new customers.

There are as many reasons for starting (or continuing) an eBay business as there are eBay sellers. Whatever your reasons, answering the “What brings you to eBay?” question is the first step in a solid marketing plan.

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