Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Designing (or Redesigning) a Logo that Fits Your Business

A compelling logo that suits your business is a major brand strategy asset. A solid logo lends credibility and prestige to all other marketing efforts you put forth in your eBay business. You’ll be able to use it on every eBay listing; in your eBay Store; on all of your invoices, business cards, e-mail communications, and packaging; and just about anywhere else your customer looks. A logo helps reinforce your brand message every time you interface with customers.

Why are logos so important? Psychologically speaking, images stick much better in people’s minds than just words. A good logo makes an impact on customers, and it conveys the message of your brand. It sets your business apart from the crowd and makes it more memorable. It also gives your eBay business a more professional air, lending a sense of establishment and longevity. Customers are more likely to trust an eBay seller who has cultivated this sense of permanence with a solid logo, and they are more likely to remember eBay Stores with logo brands and return to shop on a repeat basis.

Your logo needs to be compatible with your brand image, and it should represent the personality of your business. It should be simple and visually easy for your customers to understand.

Note: A poorly designed and unprofessional looking logo is actually a detriment to your image. If you feel that you lack the creativity or skill to design your own logo, hiring a professional is a wise investment.

With a solid idea of what you’d like your logo to be, you can easily communicate your wishes to a designer. For the budget-conscious eBay seller, we’ll show you some secrets to creating your own simple, yet professional-looking, logo.

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