Friday, September 16, 2005

How to Connect With Your Customers Without Ticking Them Off

A real customer dialogue.

My home owner’s insurance company called. I paid attention. I listened to the woman on the line. I evaluated what she had to say. And I agreed to take some action on her part.

How is that possible you say? Shouldn’t I have become angry and dismissed this as telemarketing.

The secret – they framed the call as a customer dialogue.

She talked to me like a human – with real words, tone, inflection, spontaneity and everything! Real telemarketers never do this.

She already had a relationship with me. I carry the home owner’s insurance, and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in a discount offer for a package deal that covers home and cars. This wasn’t some cold, shot in the dark call from a massive paid list.

The *only* thing she wanted from me was a commitment that I’d look up my auto insurance documents and be ready from a call from my insurance broker, her boss.

I agreed to it. The offer was tantalizing – 12% off the home insurance and 20% off the auto policies. She was respectful. She didn’t hard sell me.

It was an artful “warm” call.

You can do this with eBay listings, product descriptions, and follow up correspondence. You have a customer base already. Look up everyone who’s bought from you. Make them an interesting offer. Create offers that are difficult to dismiss. Show people what they stand to lose by not acting on your offer. Be genuine. That’s good marketing.

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