Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How to Drive eBay Marketing Efforts with Google News

Help for Publishers

This link is an FAQ that Google offers, explaining their news gathering processes. As Google proceeds to take over the world, it's advisable to get into this system as early as possible.

Google News is basically a search engine for news articles. It only crawls legitimate news sources that are reviewed by living, breathing Google employees, though.

If you already have a Web site dedicated to news about your products - excellent. Make sure your articles are showing up in Google News by clicking the first FAQ item and using the "site:" operator. This will instantly show whether or not your articles are being crawled by Google News.

If you don't have a news site for your eBay product expertise, consider starting one up. You can re-purpose blog posts to read like news articles, publish press releases to the site, and hire budding journalists to write about your company/products/services/authority.

When you get into the Google News system you'll increase exposure, turn up promotional opportunities, and get free coverage from all kinds of media outlets. This is good eBay marketing.

Like most things "search," the trick is to focus the news site on a tight niche and focus on those keywords (e.g. collectibles, china, dishes, cups, plates, 20th century, etc.). If your topic/site/expertise is underrepresented on Google News, your chances for clearance are good. Once you get the green light from Google News, you'll be a cut above all the bloggers out there.


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