Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bob Bly, eBay Marketing and 1985

“Maintaining a dignified image or getting people to remember your message is not important. The only thing that counts is how many sales or inquiries your mailing generates. The more responses, the more successful the mailer.”

This is Bob Bly writing in 1985 (The Copywriter’s Handbook).

The same ideas apply to eBay listings. The listing itself is a direct sales letter, or a piece of direct mail. It doesn’t come in the mailbox, but it does show up on search results in eBay (unless the keyword title has been botched somehow). You need to test what works and tweak your copy and presentation until you hit on a combination that brings in more bids and better margins.

Check the “completed items” box when you search for items sold to see what kinds of items you (or anyone else) has had success with. Or use one of the many auction analysis tools that we discuss in the book – The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing.

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