Saturday, June 11, 2005

Third-Party Listing Management Tools Help You Manage Listings And Increase Profits

Your options for listing management tools aren’t limited to eBay offerings. There are literally dozens of third party companies that offer powerful tools and services that interface with eBay and provide similar functions to Turbo Lister and SMPro. A few of the most commonly used by PowerSellers include:

- Mpire
- Kyozou
- Channel Advisor
- Market Works
- Auction Hawk
- Vendio
- Auction Sage

Some of these tools operate in a more limited capacity, but come at a less expensive price than eBay’s tools. Others offer a higher level of functionality and can even be customized to your particular business. Of course, these services are more costly, but if you’re selling at a high rate and volume, it can be worth the investment.

Do your homework and investigate which selling creation and management tool is right for your business. There’s a great overview of these services, along with their pricing structure and links to each service’s website located at AuctionBytes.

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