Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Load Up the eBay Shopping Cart by Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

We talk a lot about cross-selling and up-selling in “The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing.” These are the two strategies that help you build sales by increasing the amount or value of items in a shopping cart.

Cross-selling is where you suggest complementary items to the original item purchased. This is easily done with eBay gallery templates. Up-selling is the close cousin of cross-selling, where you increase the value of the item or the solution by suggesting more purchases (with volume discounts, for example) or a selection of options (like small, medium or large; or good; better; best).

These two strategies often cross-pollinate. Some cross-selling involves up-selling and vice versa. It’s all good.

StartUpNation posted some tips on cross selling today. Take a look at that article for more ideas and further discussion.

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