Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How to Write a Better Headline than This One - eBay Sales Rely on Title Hooks

When selling on eBay, your keyword description isn't the only chance you have at creating a title. You can also create benefit-oriented titles that emphasize keywords much less in the body of your description. Just use HTML to create larger fonts and dark colors if you insist on using color in the title.

Why do this? Because titles draw in readers and buyers. As David Ogilvy is famous for putting it, "Your headline is the ticket on the meat." (paraphrased) The headline draws in those who would be interested, compelled, in need, etc. It's the first test that filters out those who are hungry for meat and those who are not.

The headline needs to include benefits that pertain directly to the needs of the reader and the features of the product, of course. That's the practical side of the process. The creative side involves catching the attention of passers by.

I read a headline in the newspaper this morning that stopped me in my tracks. It was very creative and it got me to read an article that I wouldn't have read in a million years given another less interesting headline. Here it is: "Women Get Shot at Hunting." Clever, ay? The article was about how a national program gives females a chance to learn about the sport.

You might say that the title isn't selling anything... but I'd say otherwise. Newspapers sell entertainment and information to curious readers. If they don't make the reader curious, they fail. They succeeded in this instance.

So.. I urge you to get creative, test out headlines and track your eBay sales to figure out which headlines draw in your meat buyers. Do simple A-B testing to test headlines against non-headline descriptions. Or test distinctly different titles head-to-head. Even the smallest insights will offer tremendous value and move you toward more sales and profits.



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