Tuesday, June 14, 2005

eBay Newsletter Promotion: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Newsletters should be a part of your eBay marketing mix. Here are some questions to ask about your existing or future email campaign.

1. Do you give sign-up gifts that your target audience appreciates? (i.e. free information, white papers, etc.)
2. Does each issue contain both subscribe and unsubscribe information and links?
3. Do you ask readers to forward the letter to friends?
4. Do you test different subscribe wording and button formats on your Web site subscribe pages?
5. How much information do you require on your subscribe form? (hint: keep it minimal)
6. Is your subscription process complex or quick and easy?
7. Do you network and partner with similar/complementary content providers to grow your list?
8. Do you have newsletter archives, and are the pages search engine friendly?
9. Do you offer readers a reward for sharing your newsletter and signing up new readers?
10. Do you offer information on forums and blogs to promote your newsletter?

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