Friday, June 24, 2005

New Ways to Present Listings

Quite a few companies here at eBay Live are offering nifty systems that allow you to publish listings in video format. One such service, called Auxnmercial, takes your photos and turns them into an audio presentation that's embedded in the listing.

Prospects come to your auction or listing, they click play, and they see a photo slideshow that's synched with audio from your description. As I understand it, you can phone in your description in your voice, or can have one of their text to voice translators read from your description and record the audio automatically. One of their robotic voice readers has gathered particular attention. People like the funky sound and unique style.

This looks like a trend. Keep your eyes peeled for more products like this. Infomercials are getting easier and easier to produce with services/software like this.



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