Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Opt-In Marketing on eBay

Excerpt from "The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing."

Opting In
A major caveat to the one-to-one and direct marketing suggestions in this chapter is that, per eBay policy, you must first obtain permission from your customers to participate in marketing activities that involve them. Customers are much more receptive to marketing materials that they’ve agreed to receive.

In Internet-speak, this is called allowing your customers to “opt-in.” With their permission in place, any e-mail promotion, newsletter, or other ad campaign will be a welcome item in their inbox. Without their permission, they’ll view your promotional material as spam, click the Delete button, and won’t return to shop with you again.

Getting customers to opt-in to your retention efforts is as simple as just asking. Include an invitation to receive marketing materials from you in the e-mail correspondence you send. Use the Selling Manager Pro e-mail template editing capability discussed earlier to include an invitation to opt-in to your promotional offers.

Note that it is against eBay’s policy to send marketing e-mails to your customers once you have completed the post-sale e-mail process, unless your customers have opted-in to receive further communications from you. Design your own opt-in process, or use the system offered by the eBay Email Marketing Program, but be sure to get your customers A-OK before launching retention efforts.

Caution: eBay requires that sellers obtain opt-in permission from customers to include them in marketing and e-mail campaigns. Use Selling Manager Pro’s e-mail template editing feature to include an opt-in invitation in every correspondence you send out.



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