Thursday, June 16, 2005

Espresso Marketing

Espresso marketing

I'm in a Diedrich coffee shop right now. It's the runner up to Starbucks in this neck of the woods. They hired a new ad firm -- as is obvious from the new posters all around the place. The posters depict happy Diedrich customers and employees and feature snappy headlines and subheads (I'll post the pictures once I get home).

One says, "They’ve got my favorite chair to go with my favorite drink. Life is good." This is a good example of placing the customer and his perceived benefits on center stage. It's generally a good thing to do. They were smart not to lead with "Diedrich-this and Diedrich-that and Mocha-this, etc." They're drilling down to what it means to choose and stick with a coffee shop. There are really nice chairs in here, by the way.

The subhead reads, "Make yourself at home with comfortable seating and genuine people." This is doing two things. 1) It re-enforces the benefits, and 2) it differentiates Diedrich's vis a vis the competition (namely Starbucks). The implication is that Starbucks is full of phony yuppies. At least that's my take.

Pretty solid stuff. Even though you won't be making huge posters for a retail space, these are good examples of how to write eBay listings. You have products, you have customers, you need to bring them together. How do you do that? You stress benefits and set yourself apart from the competition.

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