Friday, June 24, 2005 -- A Good Source?

I just lunched with a woman who runs the Goodwill donation aggregation and reseller program. She pulls in truckload after semi truckload of product every week, and has to figure out what to sell on eBay or on their own site.

Her big dilemma is to figure out what donated merchandise meets her self-imposed $50 threshold for resale. Anything less is a waste of time, she says (which means that *lots* of goods pass through the Goodwill stores that don't meet the threshold). She cherry picks antique furniture, comics, electronics, computers, art and more from the piles and posts it on eBay, earning the Goodwill a nice profit, and ensuring that good merchandise doesn't slip through their fingers.

Some of the merchandise ends up on the shopgoodwill site, though. This is potentially a great source. Let me know what you think about this. Is it a dead end? A sweet find? Are there gems in there to be unearthed?

One of the recurring themes at eBay Live is that sourcing is everything. Everyone wants to know how and where to find good deals that they can then turn around and post on eBay. I learned quite a bit from this woman. Email me or respond to this post if you'd like to hear more of her insights.

More updates on the way..



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