Wednesday, September 21, 2005

7 Steps eBay Book Climbs Charts Because It Helps You Make Cash

There are 365 books on eBay listed on Amazon. These include everything from How To books to analysis-type books that recount the history and amazing story of eBay itself.

The book that this blog is inspired by (and based on – many of the posts are excerpts from the book) is currently 27 on that list… and climbing. We’re heading up in the charts because of support from you and from the other readers that see our articles on sites like and I just found out that my eBay article on is the 7th most popular one for the month of September – out of hundreds.

I just wanted to take a second to say thanks for your support.

Also, if you have the book and are finding it valuable, please post a review on That would really help sales. We’ve been getting some great ones, but more is always better. I’m a big believer in positive word of mouth, and those Amazon reviews provide it.

Thanks again.

Next post coming shortly – Part 2 of Jennifer Cano’s article on the eBay User Profile.

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