Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Ecstasy of Buying

I’m posting a quote today that re-enforces an idea that often gets lost when you spend a lot of time analyzing marketing strategies, positioning products and thinking hard about how to sell. Here it is:

“Buying is a profound pleasure.”

-- Simone de Beauvoir

When selling (eBay, retail, persuading, or otherwise), we often forget that half the battle is already won. People want to be convinced! They want to buy things. They want to hear stories that peak their interest. It is a profound pleasure to learn something, to have a new toy, to improve one’s life through purchasing and understanding.

We’re all surrounded by stuff we bought that’s useless or gathering dust now. But at the time of purchase, it did its job. The item made us feel a certain way. It promised good things and often delivered them.

Remember this when writing eBay descriptions and selling your wares. People want your stuff. You just need to tune into those emotions they conjure when purchasing. How’s it going to make them feel? What are they going to tell their friends about their new purchase? Integrate those ideas into your headlines and copy. Tell good, genuine stories and buyers will respond.

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