Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rise Above the Advertising Clutter and Sell More

I’ve talked about Jack Forde’s newsletter before. It’s always filled with unique marketing perspectives that can be applied to eBay selling. Like this morning’s article from Dave Lakhani.

Here’s a taste:

“33% of the people surveyed [Yankelvich Partners study] said that they would accept a slightly lower standard of living to live in a society without advertising…”

“… What those people are really saying is that they are tired of irrelevant offers launched at them indiscriminately from every media outlet that can be bought.”

Sign up for Forde’s newsletter if this kind of stuff appeals to you.

We’ve been covering these topics for a while in these posts. To step away from the “irrelevant offer” crowd, you’ve got to:

1) be different
2) connect with real needs
3) offer something for free (like genuinely informative information)
4) offer guarantees
5) offer trials

If you hit all five of these, there’s a good chance that you’ll rise above the clutter.

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