Monday, October 10, 2005

The Ideal eBay Shipping Solution?

I taught a course for the Learning Annex this weekend. It covered some marketing basics for eBay. Turnout was great in both San Diego and Los Angeles (Sat/Sun respectively).

At the Los Angeles event, there was a lot of interest in shipping issues. Do you have any tips about the best methods/services for shipping?

I know that a lot of people like for the convenience, ease of use, and Outlook integration. But it does come at a price. offers postage and label printing. Paypal is integrated with eBay and allows you to print labels within the system.

What are the some of the drawbacks and advantages that you’ve encountered with these various solutions?

Any other ideas?


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At 7:43 PM, Blogger Tallzag said...

I use Endicia. Just started using it about a month ago and it is very handy, just print out the labels on a sticker sheet and peel them off. Everything I ship via USPS I ship through Endicia, but everything over 2 pounds I ship through UPS.

Tom Hergert


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