Monday, October 03, 2005

SEO and eBay -- What to Believe?

Half the battle with eBay is exposure. You need listings that rise to the top of the search returns. That takes careful keyword selection, the correct timing for listings (for your audience), and pages that are SEO (search engine optimized).

When considering SEO, there’s trade-off you need to consider…. conversion rates. Which listings are creating sales rates that are favorable (considering how many visitors have checked out the listings)? Good copywriting that includes compelling headlines and lead-in hooks, strong offers, and consistent closing language can boost conversion rates. However sometimes good copywriting doesn’t include enough keywords for the best SEO.

A conundrum.

Check out the comments in the following article by Bob Bly (Why I Don’t Believe in SEO Copywriting). There are some good tips and perspectives.

I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle. Where you write compelling copy first, then examine it to see where you can insert key words without upsetting the flow and flavor of the writing. It’s a little tricky but worth the effort.

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