Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How Do You Deal with the Inevitable "Challenges" That Come Through the eBay Door?

“Giving up the illusion that you can predict the future is a very liberating moment. All you can do is give yourself the capacity to respond. . . the creation of that capacity is the purpose of strategy.”

-- Lord John Browne

This quote applies to a lot of things. I couldn’t help but think about eBay, however. As a store owner, a retailer, an online merchant, you inevitably deal with “whatever comes through the door.” Usually it’s profitable and a pleasure – but sometimes it’s a challenge.

What are your strategies for dealing with “challenges?”

Comment, and we can discuss.

P.S. Amazon.com knocked 32% off the cover price of "The 7 Essential Steps to Successful eBay Marketing" (McGraw-Hill, 2005). Walmart.com sells if for 36% off!

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