Thursday, November 10, 2005

How Is Shipping Marketing?

I’ve posted some information on shipping in the past few days. It’s not directly related to marketing, but the indirect ties are undeniable.

Let’s start with customer satisfaction:

* Customers who love your service come back
* Good feedback ratings generate more business
* Satisfied customers tell two friends.. and so on
* Your product becomes more valuable when it’s shipped quickly
* Items that are packaged right arrive intact and unblemished
* Efficient shipping operations support all of the above

Next, marketing efforts:

* An item that arrives unscathed delivers on your promises and guarantees
* Promotions and flyers in the packaging generate repeat business
* Clean, professionally packaged goods reflect positively on your company and brand
* Customers that rave about your efficient, professional operations will post good feedback and tell their friends about your store/listings

That said, what are your experiences and tips? What’s the best way to ship items of a particular size and weight? Do you have complaints or suggestions for the big shipping outfits? What could be better? Where is there room for improvement?

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At 9:00 PM, Blogger Tallzag said...

Anything under 2 lbs I always ship USPS, by far the cheapest way. Over 2 lbs I ship UPS, gives you free tracking and insurance. Since most of the stuff I ship over 2 lbs is fragile, it is nice having the insurance.


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